Humanist Celebrant

Barry Klassel

Humanist Celebrants conduct Humanist, nonreligious,

and interreligious weddings, memorials, baby naming,

and other life-cycle ceremonies.

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Why Humanism?

      "We are all part of the human family. We are all biologically related to each other...and the Earth is our home.

       So you have to ask: What is the earth like, and how do we take care of our family? What laws are really the natural laws that govern what we know and how we should proceed ethically with all that we do? What helps us feel like we belong here?

       My identity, my sources of support, and my values all come from being human and living in this universe. That realization guides most humanists. And inspires most of the discussions about ethical philosophy…and about what is moral and what our values should be."

- Barry Klassel, Humanist Celebrant and member of Red Bank Humanists

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