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Red Bank Humanists Inc.

P.O. Box 8153

Red Bank, NJ 07701




Monthly forums: second Sunday of the month, 10:30 A.M. to noon

at Red Bank Charter School

58 Oakland St.

Red Bank, NJ 07701 


Eric Seldner



Phone: 732-784-8225

eMail: rbhpresident@gmail.com


Eric is the love child of the late 60's, born in Princeton NJ to very young parents who do not let his arrival interfere with their strong intellectual aspirations. They blended Quaker and non-observant Jewish upbringings to raise Eric in a freethinking way. They always reasoned with him from a very young age, and he loved nothing more than to listen in on the intellectual conversations they promoted among family and friends.



Trudy Lagan

Vice President


eMail: redbankhumanists@gmail.com


Trudy was raised as a Reformed Protestant. She went to most of the   

required religion classes, but did not make her confirmation because she had too many questions. After 5 years of bible study, at age 19,

she asked the minister to help her to believe. The interaction was

positive, but he said she had to have "faith."

Alex Rios



eMail: rbhsecretary@gmail.com

Melissa MacDonald



eMail: redbankhumanists@gmail.com



Linda Montgomery



eMail: redbankhumanists@gmail.com



Christopher Weir

Public Relations


eMail: rbhpublicrelations@gmail.com

Ron Flannery

Web Master


eMail: redbankhumanists@gmail.com



Bob Lyons

Board Member


eMail: redbankhumanists@gmail.com