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Affirmations of Humanism

“The Affirmations of Humanism: A Statement of Principles”  Worth study and on-going discussion.

American Humanist Association Actively educates the public about Humanism, brings Humanists together for mutual support and action, defends the civil liberties and constitutional freedoms of Humanists.
American Museum of Natural History A wealth of information about our world, including the Hall of Human Origins.
Americans United For Separation of Church and State
The name says it all!
Center For Inquiry
(also http://www.cfiwest.org/)

Church and State, Ten Myths About

On the Americans United site. This link opens a PDF of this brochure
Church & State Really Separate? Dr. Ed Buckner, noted Humanist, researched the Treaty of Tripoli at the Library of Congress. Yes, Virginia...we are not a Christian nation.
Constitution, Welcome to the
Link to the article, A Big Fuss Over Nothing: an analysis of real & imagined references to God, Christianity and Religion and lack thereof in obvious places in five documents from the founding period of our history.
Corliss Lamont Website!, The
A seminal Humanist philosopher. Get to know him.
Council for Secular Humanism

An important site for Secular Humanists. Chock full of valuable information, including featured articles from their magazine, Free Inquiry.

Darwin Day
Hail, Darwin! Join in the events and celebrate the adventure of science, and the 'passion to know' that drives us to inquire, explore, and discover what this world is all about!
Disaster Updates
in Our World
Chock full of links to information and links to agencies in every state and around the world on every subject you can imagine. If you need to know, they probably have a link for you.
Edge A remarkable feast of the intellect... an amazing group of reflections on science, culture, and the evolution of ideas.
Founding Fathers and the Separation of Church and State
Surprisingly, from the Quartz Hill School of Theology.
>Freedom From Religion Foundation The name says it all. Support these people!
Freethought Action Works to educate the general public about the personal, social and practical benefits of free and rational thought.
Humanism?, What is (By Frederick Edwords) One good explanation, among many.
Humanist Aspirations From American Humanist Association in 2003 (aka Humanist Manifesto III), an update of Humanist Manifestos I & II.
Humanist Chaplaincy at

Rutgers University

RBH member Barry Klassel, a Humanist Celebrant, is the new Humanist Chaplain at Rutgers Univ.
Humanist Institute Training future Humanist leaders.
HumanLight Learn about the Humanist holiday.
Institute of Humanist Studies A treasure trove of information about Humanism, including links to their Humanist Network News and their new online courses offered by their Continuum of Humanist Education.
Library of Congress, The
WOW! If you haven’t been there, GO!
Logical Fallacies List of Common Logical Fallacies, including the difference between science and pseudoscience/religion.
National Center for Science Education
Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools.
New Jersey Humanist Network
We support all their endeavors!
The Onion Every week, three million readers turn to the world's most popular humor publication for a much-needed dose of Onion satire and entertainment coverage.
Remixed Propaganda
Classic graphic art, updated to prove a point.
A clear-thinking oasis.
Robert G. Ingersoll -

On Thanksgiving

Inspired. Inspiring!
Robert G. Ingersoll, Google Results for A seminal Humanist philosopher. Get to know him.
Secular.org Secular Coalition of America
Secular Web, The
An organization of unpaid volunteers dedicated to the growth and maintenance of the most comprehensive Free Thought web site on the Internet.
Skeptic Tank, The Frederic L. Rice’s extensive archives on destructive groups, individuals, and ideologies with special focus on religion's impact.
Skeptics You are one. Read all about it.
Skeptics Annotated Bible For nearly two billion people, the Bible is a holy book containing the revealed word of God. It is the source of their religious beliefs. Yet few of those who believe in the Bible have actually read it. One skeptic did.
Smithsonian, The
By Darwin Day, when you’re finished with LOC, try this. Wonderful!
Tom Paine.Com(mon Sense) "The best progressive insight and action."
To Think.org Are you a thinker or a follower? Living wide-awake vs. sleeping through life.
U.N. - Human Rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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