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Meet Adam Green









Adam Green was born in Riverview Hospital and grew up in Fair Haven, NJ. He is an only child. Adam graduated from Rumson-Fair Haven High School and then attended Brookdale College for 2 years. [His parents were math professors at Brookdale.] He then went to Rutgers for 3 ½ years, majoring in computer science and history, with a minor in English. Adam is presently attending Anthem Institute, where he is taking courses in computer networking and security. In addition to his studies, he is working part-time in retail. After working the overnight shift for many years, he began looking for other options, which led him to the Anthem Institute. Adam thinks, as do many others, that our current educational system fails to prepare students for jobs in the real world. There is very little career training, and academic endeavors alone do not prepare one for a career. He became very proficient at completing research papers, but this skill did not lead to a job. His goals at present are to finish his schooling with a high GPA, then hopefully land a well paying job.


Adam admires many people. Among those who stand out is Neil De Grasse Tyson, who is not only brilliant but also very entertaining. Another person he admires is Matt Dillahunty of the Atheist Community of Austin. He has helped Adam refine his thought processes with regard to belief and disbelief; and to be able to debate critically. For more information, check out his website. Most informative! Adam also admires Aaron Sorkin [West Wing; A few Good Men, etc.] who is a consummate wordsmith. Sorkin’s command of the English Language is most impressive. Speaking of brilliant wordsmiths, Christopher Hitchens is another author/spokesman much admired by Adam.


Adam’s hobbies and favorite things have to do with pop culture, e.g., the Avengers, Marvel Comics, Iron Man, Man of Steel, video games that enhance computer skills. He enjoys podcasts, and his musical tastes lean towards Heavy Metal and obscure European bands.


Adam was raised as an Atheist. His mother was Catholic, but had no real belief. His dad was Jewish [culturally]. They had a Star of David on their Christmas tree. Religion was never really an issue. Humanist and atheist podcasts inspired Adam to begin looking for a group to join; and, after attending the Reason Rally in Washington, being with so many enthusiastic like-minded people, hearing Dave Silverman, feeling completely safe in the crowd of non-believers, Adam checked with AHA for local chapters. Adam will do whatever he can to see that RBH continues to grow and thrive. He has set up a system to record the Forums. Adam is also a Board member, and you will find him managing the technical equipment at our meetings.


This wonderful, brilliant, soft-spoken young gentleman is definitely an asset to RBH. We are most grateful that he is an essential part of our organization.

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