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Supporting our Community


In December 2011 a few RBH members created a group to explore ways to put the principles of Humanism into action. By working together we hope to make a positive impact in the world for both people and their environment. 


The Community Outreach Group was founded both as a group activity and as a way for individuals to fulfill the following Humanist Affirmations:

* Securing justice and fairness in society and eliminating descrimination and intolerence.


* Supporting the disadvantaged and the handicapped so they can help themselves.


* Protecting and enhancing the earth, to preserve it for future generations, and to eliminate inflicting needless suffering on toher species


JOIN US: There are many wonderful opportunities to make a difference. Please join us at any of our meetings or activities. If you are interested, please contact Irma Lester or Pat Barr (see below).


DELIVERY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are in need of people to help deliver the donated items. If you are interested, please contact Trudy Lagan or Pat Barr (see below)


CONTACTS: RBH – Community Outreach Group – Humanism in Action


Chairperson: Trudy Lagan: or 732-530-9123

Vice-Chair: Pat Barr: or 848-333-4542



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