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Meet Mike Scher









Mike Scher was born in 1925 in Detroit, Michigan. (He visited his home town about 20 years ago, became depressed by its condition, and immediately drove back home. He had 2 sisters and 1 brother, who passed away in his 90's. Both his father and mother passed away at age 45. For a while Mike was the sole support of his mother and sister. 


Mike joined the 101st Airborne Division as a paratrooper in WW l l, and saw service in England, France, and Holland. He was awarded a Bronze Star after the Battle of Bastogne. While in the hospital recovering from trench foot, Mike met his wife, Ellen. He finds it upsetting that Purple Hearts are given for frostbite, but not for trenchfoot, which is equally damaging. 


Mike and Ellen married in 1945 in England, and came to the U.S. shortly after. They had one daughter. Mike's education was ended in Junior High School because he had to support his mother and sister. School was a huge challenge for him, because he read with great difficulty. It was much later that he found out about dyslexia. His lack of a formal education didn't hinder him in being able to make a living. He worked in the garment industry making patterns for women's clothing, and also worked as a door-to-door salesman. At that time a lack of schooling wasn't a deterrent to becoming successful. 


Mike's wife,Ellen, was a CAN DO person. There wasn't anything she wouldn't attempt and be very successful at. She modeled, taught herself typing, and became a top designer of fabrics. They lived in England from 1977-1979, and considered owning a pub, but it was not to be. Ellen desired to return to the U.S. Their daughter still resides in England along with their 2 grandsons. Ellen passed away in 2003. Mike misses her terribly, and goes every 2 weeks to Arneytown to put flowers on her grave. 


Mike attributes much of his success in life to the influence of his brother, Milton, who was also a paratrooper, his father, and his much adored wife, Ellen. In his youth he belonged to the Young Communist League, the International Workers League, and played a trumpet in a band. 


Among Mike's favorite things are driving, reading, (he is a self-taught, brilliant, articulate man!) baseball, football, being a "contrarian," and skydiving. (Mike went skydiving for his 75th and 80th birthdays, and plans to go for his 90th.) His nephew joins him. (Might I also add, he has a delightful sense of humor!) 


Religion was not a big part of his life; he was always an atheist. His mother and father were Jewish. The family would pacify his mother by following some Jewish rituals, but they always went out for Chinese food on Jewish holidays. 


An article in the newspaper 8 years ago introduced Mike to RBH where he met Ron Steelman(one of his heroes) and had some earlier meetings at his house, which is around the corner from our current meeting place. (And what a beautiful house it is!) He promotes RBH by telling anyone who will listen to him about it. 


Mike has a few pet peeves, one being that on TV, or in the movies, one rarely sees an African-American woman with a white man, and he also dislikes being called by his first name by people who don't know him. 


Mike stated that his life wouldn't be of interest to anyone, but I was totally absorbed by all the events of his life. He would LOVE to hear from members who might want to give him a call. His # is 732-530-2933.

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