Meet Bill Barr







Billy and Claudia Barr were brought up with religious backgrounds, but have been humanists for many years, as are their sons, Brian and Eric. Their daily lives often revolve around making the world a better place, be it for family, community, or the wider world.


A few years ago Billy and Brian went to Haiti to volunteer with the Haitian Health Foundation. [] While there, they met their translator, Junior Bernard. Billy was so impressed with Junior's drive and ambition that he decided to bring him to the US. Since Junior only had the equivalent of a 4th grade education. He spent his first year in the U.S. studying day and night, being driven to various schools to achieve language, and academic proficiency, and getting his GED.


Since then, Junior entered Alvernia College on a full scholarship, where he has continued to grow and thrive. He is currently writing a book, and is traveling the country as a motivational speaker! His story can be found here. []


This Humanism in Action was accomplished while Billy and Claudia were engaged in full time jobs, seeing to the needs of their two sons and extended families, coaching swim teams, and volunteering for various community outreach programs.

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