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Meet Trudy Lagan










Trudy Lagan was born in 1972, and is married to “C.J.”, her high school sweetheart, and love of her life. She also has one sister, who has 5 children. Trudy's parents and sister live nearby, and they are each very active in their churches. Trudy loves being an aunt, and she and C.J. dote on her nieces and nephews. They are a very close family.


Trudy graduated from Rutgers in 1995 with an Environmental Science degree. She is a project manager implementing warehouse systems. C.J. graduated from SUNY College for Ceramic Engineering in 1995. He also has a Masters in Applied Statistics from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a compliance engineering manager.


Trudy was raised as a Reformed Protestant. She went to most of the required religion classes, but did not make her confirmation because she had too many questions. After 5 years of bible study, at age 19, she asked the minister to help her to believe. The interaction was positive, but he said she had to have "faith."


Trudy's goal for now, and the future, is to enjoy the journey. She continues to delight in her Red Bank Humanists experience where she has met a wonderful group of people who have created a warm, intellectually stimulating community.


Some of Trudy's favorite things are: family, friends, Red Bank Humanists, the outdoors, reading, helping others. Trudy also belongs to the Middletown Lions Club where they engage in public service projects such as literacy classes, soup kitchens, and working with service dogs specifically trained to help people with disabilities. Trudy’s pet peeves are people being dishonest and disrespectful to others, or exhibiting a condescending attitude. Trudy's most admired person is her Aunt Roberta, who was involved in multiple activities, was a loving and kind person, and whose greatest joy was helping others (which sounds like Trudy!).


Two quotes have made an impact on Trudy's life: 

• "Your problem isn't the problem, it's your attitude about the problem." 

- Ann Brashares, American author, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


• "Whoever fights monsters should see that in the process he does not become a monster."

- Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic


Trudy became a humanist after taking the Belief-O-Matic test which said she was a secular humanist, something she’d never heard of. She Googled it, learned about Red Bank Humanists, and the rest is history. Trudy promotes Humanism by living it, and by doing all she can to make the world a better place.

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