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About Us


Current Board of Directors (as of June 2023) 

  • Eric Seldner - President, 732-996-9670

  • Leland Beaumont - Vice President

  • Michelle - Treasurer

  • Krystoff M - Secretary

  • Ron Flannery - Web Master 





(from our Certificate of Incorporation)

The purpose for which this nonprofit Corporation is organized and operated is not for pecuniary profit but exclusively for educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding provision of any future United States tax law (hereinafter referred to as the "Code"). The educational purposes which the Corporation shall be devoted to are the: 

(a) heightening of public awareness and acceptance of Humanism 

(b) promotion of Humanist principles to the public, media and policy-makers through lectures and discussions, and

(c) implementation of educational programs on the viability of secular Humanism for all age levels.

Humanism is understood by the Corporation to be a philosophy based on naturalism – the belief that the universe is all that is real. Humanists seek to understand the universe through science and critical thinking and represent an overall objective of developing a more humane society.

First we must thank the friendly folks at the New Jersey Humanists Network for their advice and guidance in forming Red Bank Humanists. A special thanks to Lisa and Tim Ridge, who spent many hours answering hundreds of questions and patiently making wise suggestions. They are founding members of RBH! We are proud to be affiliated with NJHN and encourage you to support their organization. NJHN holds monthly meetings in Bridgewater, New Jersey and presents a variety of interesting guest speakers. 


Bylaws - Red Bank Humanists 

Mission Statements of our Affiliates 

RBH Brochure 

Important Dates: 

June 4, 2004 

We became Red Bank Humanists, Inc., a non-profit corporation in the state of New Jersey. Original incorporators were Ron Steelman, Elaine Steelman, and Tim Zebo.

September 19, 2004

First Annual Membership meeting held. Board members elected: Katrina Comolli, Bruce Fowler, Eric Seldner, Ron Steelman, Ivan Steinberg, Arthur Weiner, and Tim Zebo.

September 25, 2004

First Board meeting and election of officers: Ron Steelman - President, Tim Zebo - Vice President, Katrina Comolli - Secretary, and Ivan Steinberg - Treasurer.


February 27, 2006

Red Bank Humanists, Inc. exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Community Outreach
2014 Collections and Projects
  • January Forum Collection – Collected pillows, sheets, toiletries, gloves & hats for Valentine House in Point Pleasant Beach

  • January – Created 115 soup and sandwich bag lunches for residents of Tent City

  • February Forum Collection – Collected donations to create “Moving Out” baskets for the Family Promise of Monmouth.

  • March Forum Collection – Collected cleaning supplies, toiletries, and baby items for Dottie’s House.

  • April 13th Forum Collection – Will collect toiletries, paper products, laundry soap, garbage bags, new pillows, new sheets, and / or new towels for Visitation Relief Center which helps families affected by Sandy

  • April 26th 10 - Noon – Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweep in Bradley Beach 

  • May 3rd – Volunteer Day at Visitation Relief Center

  • May 11th Forum Collection – LED flashlights and lanterns for Tent City

  • June 8th Forum Collection – Camp Quest New England (we support this Summer camp for Humanist kids) They are looking for clothing the kids can use for theater / variety show performances. . .also art supplies.

  • July 13th Forum Collection – Canned food for Ocean County Hunger Relief 

  • September 14th Forum Collection – School Supplies for Family Promise of Monmouth

  • October 12th Forum Collection – Welcome Baskets for families moving back into their homes via Visitation Relief Center

  • November 9th Forum Collection – Care packages for Atheist Soldiers via MAAF.

  • December 14th Forum Collection - Cleaning Supplies for HABcore homeless housing and training.


Financial Disclosures

Questions should be directed to:

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